Welcome to GNR.BZ

What is GNR.BZ?

GNR is a shortened form of General, and BZ is supposed to represent Business. (Its the ccTLD of Belize)

This domain was set up with the intention of selling low cost domains (yourcompany.gnr.bz, or yourname.gnr.bz) to people who didn't want to pay the high fees of other TLDs available at the time, however with the advent of thousands of TLDs a second level Domain is not as popular today. So it is now used to provide email service to a group of clients who pay a premium to have a managed email account.

If you are interested in an email account on the domain @gnr.bz please contact me at new-user@gnr.bz

5 GB storage (Cloud - Documents, Contacts, Calendar, Email) for $13 USD per year.

Login: https://mail.gnr.bz/mail    https://mail.gnr.bz/cloud